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2022 - Present

PhD Candidate

King's College London
Department of Defence Studies

London, England, UK

Supervisor: Dr Zeno Leoni
Thesis: China’s economic statecraft: a deceptive policy to advance military objectives. Case Studies Analysis.


PhD Candidate at the Department of Defence Studies. Research interests include the role China plays in the Liberal International Order (LIO), and China’s economic statecraft as a deceptive policy to advance military objectives.

2017 - 2019

MA in Government
Counterterrorism and Homeland Security

Reichman University

The M.A. Government provided cutting-edge knowledge and hands-on experience in the field of government and policy-making while specializing in modern conflict resolution.

Herzliya, Israel

2004 - 2008

BA in Applied Policy Studies

Mount Royal University

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The B.A. in Applied Policy Studies is a four-year program that provided a solid academic foundation in policy theory, political science, and economics, as well as a semester of work experience.


2021 - Present


International Team for the Study of Security (ITSS) Verona

  • A non-profit, apolitical international cultural association dedicated to the study of international security, ranging from terrorism to climate change, artificial intelligence, pandemic, great power competition and energy security.

  • Write articles and conduct interviews on the Asia & China team. See publications for a list of works.

Verona, Veneto, Italy

2018 - 2018

Graduate Student Researcher


A Division of Mer Group

Herzliya, Israel

  • Researched and wrote an extensive report on Chinese Hacker Groups, identifying specific hacker groups (e.g., PLA Unit 61398), main actors, target industries & countries, the group’s strengths, and vulnerabilities.

  • Compiled information from all sources including the dark net using specific software.

2008 - 2021

Business Consultant

APCO MG International Inc.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Tampa, Florida, USA

Tianjin, China

  • Worked in Canada, the United States and China.

  • Job responsibilities evolved from client services, to supply chain assistant manager, change manager, branch manager and then to a consultant.

  • Consultant responsibilities included gathering data and insight through various methods of research to assist the company's strategic goals, conducting PowerPoint presentations, pitching recommendations and solutions to the company, evaluating policies on corporate and social responsibilities, and assisting in developing government relations at different levels and with various agencies.

Publications & Interviews


Sanctions When Sanctions Fail: Decoupling and US Policy Towards China.
Routledge Handbook on Sanctions, with Dr Zeno Leoni and Mariam Qureshi

Article: Insights from Joanna Chiu’s book, “China Unbound, A New World Disorder”

Report: Chinese Hacker Groups published by the International Institute for Counterterrorism (ICT)


Interview with Jeremy Garlick on The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Interview with Joanna Chiu, Author of “China Unbound, A New World Disorder”

Interview with Howard Anglin on China- Canadian Relations

Interview with Retired Tiawanese Admiral Lee Hsi Min on Taiwans Military Defence

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