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China’s Approach to Economic Warfare and Implications for the West

US Army War College Press

"China’s Approach to Economic Warfare and Implications for the West," set to be published by the US Army War College Press in 2024 and co-authored by Dr. Zeno Leoni, Andre Carvalho, and Ho Ting Hung, explores China's use of economic strategies for geopolitical gains. It focuses on the impact of these tactics on Western states and the necessity of strategic responses to protect economic and national security interests.

DALL·E 2024-01-02 11.45.21 - A conceptual image representing the theme of 'China’s Approac

In The Routledge Handbook of the Political Economy of Sanctions

Released in October of 2023, and co-authored with Dr Zeno Leoni and Mariam Qureshi, this chapter focuses on the concept of economic decoupling as an alternative to traditional sanctions in US policy towards China.


ITSS Verona Article

Insights from Joanna Chiu’s book, China Unbound: A New World Disorder, which describes China as a global bully who uses various tactics in its attempts to create a new world order. This article for ITSS Verona provides insights into Chiu's concept of a "new world disorder"as described in her book.

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Report published by the International Institute for Counterterrorism (ICT)

An analysis of Chinese hacker groups that are mainly under the direction of the Chinese government. Their goals are to steal intellectual property, focusing primarily in defence and other emerging technology, in order to further develop Chinese industry and advance Chinese military, political, and technological status.

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